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Escort Elite - Vibrator for two?


"What is a vibrator for two? " - Stiffened my man , after hearing the proposal to test such a strange thing. At this point, his imagination clearly drew pictures of the terrible history of the Inquisition and torture. "And unless there are vibrators that fit heterosexual man? "  We-Vibe vibrator 4 such. According to the instructions for use : " You enjoy the vibrator together. Get ready to moan with pleasure , experiencing exciting orgasm that you want to experience again and again. " Sounds like a challenge! Well, this may offer electronic sex toy , which can not give each other two loving and healthy person.


Vibrators originally invented yet for single use as a substitute and comforter for unmarried women. It was only later they expanded the field of activity and settled in the bedrooms pairs ( and maybe even trio) , which all small and continually want to do their sex life more varied and diverse. So I decided to start testing until a man " save the planet " in a week on a business trip . First, I will not miss much, and secondly, 'll be able to deal with the device , so you do not have to at the crucial moment to spend time reading the instructions.Vibrator resembles a comma - smooth to the touch and weighty for its size.  So, it is not scary. And it does not look like a sawed-off genital organ or delicacy in some regions ... also bullish genital organ . Rather, it resembles a pretty pink comma overgrown , smooth to the touch and quite hefty for its size . At this point there are two -point impact on the two women's point : one of

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Oddity wonderful people. Idiotic habit 25 most famous historical figures Celebrity humor history biography

1 Joseph Stalin

Stalin was known for his passion for simple clothes , and the same . If he was getting used to some things, then wore it until it stops. " Weekend shoes he had only one . Even before the war - says bodyguard leader A. Rybin . - Leather is all cracked. Easterly soles . In general, a moribund . Everyone was terribly embarrassed that Stalin them at work and techniques in theater and other crowded places. All the guards decided to sew new shoes . Matrona Butuzova night put them to the couch , and old claimed ... " However, the substitution failed. Waking up , the secretary general Plyushkin scandal and demanded that he be returned to your old shoes . He wore them nearly to death.

And Stalin had a habit of going back and forth when he said something. But he , if removed from the listeners or turned their backs on them , did not care to raise his voice . Subordinates had to comply with total silence , listen and grasp everything on the fly . Say , after long meetings people came almost swinging from suffering stress and fear of missing something important. Source of this habit is really simple : because of arthritis pain in my leader's feet, which would intensify if he sat long in one place.

2 Salvador Dali

Great painter and kicker carefully tried to make my life more extravagant as possible . Even a simple habit Spanish afternoon nap he remade on a surreal twist. Dali called it " Afternoon with the key " or " second siesta ." The artist sat in a chair , holding between the thumb and forefinger of his left hand a large brass key. Near the left leg

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Singapore Escort Elite - 10 Unusual sexual positions


It sits on your rider in the classic pose, but rests on the bed only one knee, the second lifted up. All the body is in a knee-admiration pose.


If you have lying around the house inflatable gymnastic ball with which someone once going to lose weight, it is time and benefit from. Put it on the bed so it does not ride up and down, plant a young lady up and the stand in front of her knees. Now you can gently pull partner lower. It is important that she held her hands a ball that will run away from you to go to hell.

Feet together 

Partner lies on his stomach, you - on. From this position the classical version is different in that girl's legs tightly closed. In this position, her vagina will keep your penis much stronger than usual.
Pose with feet together


Lying on his back, place on top of your partner, gently rotate it so that you were lying crosswise. Girl's legs should be kept together for greater reliability clutch. Since in this position it will not move less vigorously than you can cheer her light slaps on the buttocks, the benefit they are now in full your reach.


If the rider turns back to you, you both win: she can enjoy the sensations caused by increased pressure on the penis front wall of her vagina, well, you can safely build all sorts of faces, without being afraid that she burst out laughing at the most inopportune moment.

Worker and Collective Farm 

You lie on your side facing each other, holding up the free leg. For this position you will need inflated muscles of the hips, as it is necessary to keep the weight not only his, but her legs.

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