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30 Ways to Live Beyond Their Means - Cheer Up !!!

30 Ways to Live Beyond Their Means

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Save money - not a man, it's not even know themselves money.  Manly - pull it all to the last, and then pass the bottle of "Clos du Mesnil" 1995 harvest and pull some more. However, such an ostentatious gusarstvo sometimes comes to idiocy.  And as to be stupid man stuck even less than to be greedy, we decided to share with you tips on wise money management. But be careful. From time to time in the article will appear character blots. Items marked them, we shall provide for a laugh, removing them from the popular benefits greedy applied. Follow these tips you should not under any circumstances. This greedy unworthy even a man like you. 

  September issue of his organization is particularly acute. If you are tired of the usual five-star hotels - with all their comforts, luxury, but, more importantly, prices - keep in mind:  Many luxury hotels offer discounts nudists. 

If you pre-purchase a membership in the respective club (eg,,  annual card which will cost you only $ 53),  you will have a chance to live in selected hotels for 50-70% of the price! *  No catch here is not that many tourists torn to nudist resorts, stuffed suitcase binoculars, but they at the same time do not want to undress. And if the hotel is located on such a resort, the administration is trying to lure customers nudists and not nasty voyeur. Hence the sale.  Funny that after the presentation of membership card any suspicion in your nudist toiletries, disappear. So after the check you can leave the hotel, wrapped in cellophane for conspiracy and sent to regular beach next door. 

  Another way to live in a nice hotel for ridiculous money, not settling there to work as a janitor, - site 

This office helps hotels worldwide secretly sell their rooms at half price. Why secretly? Very simple: through the spread mainly "hot" deals. For example, are you going to London for the weekend, but finding the hotel has attended only on Friday morning. 

At the same time, the prestigious hotel (say, Canary Wharf) discovers that he is just a weekend catastrophic shortage of customers. 

In this case, the unoccupied rooms are spread across the specified site at a discount (sometimes up to 60%). On one condition: as long as you do not booking a room, you do not know what to take.  Lastminute offer you a "five-star hotel in a prestigious part of London" (area of ​​residence will be specified approximately) at the price of a three star. You put a deposit money and only then can you know the exact address, and look at the photos of the hotel. Provide discounts in the open - so drop prestige places: cheap thing can not be good. 

For the same reason you are unlikely to be allowed to write on the towel "I bought this room at a discount" and hang it out the window. 

 About programs accumulation miles nowadays even know people used to measure everything in kilometers. But let us recall briefly the essence. Before you fly on a plane somewhere, not too lazy to go to the airline's website, and ask whether it is not a member of any alliance. For example, SkyTeam or Star Alliance. Thereafter Sign a proper storage card. 

Membership in SkyTeam, you can open the site Aeroflot -,  in Star Alliance - on   ( Russian ) 

Then everything is simple: do not forget to show the card at the check-in and earn miles - reward points calculated on a simple formula. Once flew far away (in the United States, Southeast Asia and South Africa), you accumulate enough miles to the next flight to get a discount on the ticket or the right to board first, bypassing the line of economy class passengers. We're not talking about sex with a stewardess! What to talk about it, if it can not be bought for miles … 

 Buy clothes at a discount or even for 10-15% of its real value can be dry cleaned. Of course, the whole assortment you there will not be offered. 

However, dry cleaning have the legislative right to sell things for which their master did not come. In this sense, any major cleaning may be in fact a great shop, on the status of almost reaches up to second-hand! 

 Well, to replenish the newly acquired stylish wardrobe (or how much is necessary) umbrella - Contact wardrobe large presences places. Suitable library, a theater, a bank or even a restaurant. In response to a polite phrase: "My dear, I was here with you last week and forgot black umbrella" - surely attendant will offer you the marked item.  And then a few to choose from. 

 In European cafes have a tradition that if a person has paid for the coffee, but did not touch it  (because hastily left), the order is sent to a special table, where it can be picked up free of charge. Value act, certainly not in the euro savings, and a slight feeling of superiority that will test the waiter, in answer to your question: "Where can I get something here for free ?"  Helping people feel better than you - well worth it ! 

You probably already heard that the format war Blu-ray and HD-DVD ended in victory for the former. And since you even after this message is not understood what was discussed at all, and who fought with whom, you will certainly appeal to the following fact. Movies in HD-resolution can not buy at expencive disks (one Blu-ray is worth at least 1000 rubles = 33 USD), and downloaded in the torrent networks. This method not only free, but also illegal, that is good in two ways. The only bad thing: the output you get is not a material object, and a digital image of a disk, often pirated. That is a copy of a copy, or, to put it simply, a simulacrum. A simulacra, as you know, do not decorate a man. 

 A legal way to watch movies in HD-resolution - is to take them out with the help of iTunes. It's easier than it seems at first glance, but it is much more difficult than, for example, on the third. To start you need to download iTunes from the site  Then - to get an account in the  USA  iTunes Music Store, pretending to Florida residents (miserable inhabitants of other states have to pay tax, so for them to issue itself is not necessary). 

Detailed instructions - on 

After that you will buy iTunes Gift Card Online - and even then you can easily take two dollars a month rent your favorite movie in HD-quality. In English, yes.  What a stroke of fate, right?  And no one said that the legal way - both the best. 

 In demand advice:  pay for mobile communications is necessary only in those places where it is not for the commission.  But judge for yourself.  Is the time and petrol that you spend searching for such a place, no more than tens of savings? 

 Nothing breaks a hole in the personal budget as buying two sperm whales or serious illness.  Especially if not treated in municipal and alternative commercial clinics where you besides bronchitis, which really is, and will also find prostatitis gout. 

Out?  At the first sign of a serious ailment assumed a maximum flowering and cheerful look and purchased at any office of health insurance (if the disease has already hit the legs, then you can order it online and delivery).  Private medical centers, serving only customers with insurance, different trustworthiness, not to mention professionalism.  On analyzes surely you can save an amount exceeding the cost of insurance. 

If you prefer to play hide and seek with death at home, remember that drugs can save too.  Before buying the advertised vehicle, look on the package, which includes active agent in its composition.  For example, many painkillers such is ibuprofen.  In this paper the usual pack of ibuprofen will cost five to six times cheaper than branded vehicle, and the effect on the output - the same: a severed finger would be the only cause mild feeling of nostalgia. 

 Contrary to popular belief, the Chinese things are not that bad ...  Phew, we were not struck by lightning when we wrote it, and therefore will continue!   As it turned out, the most sensible way to turn your apartment into a masterpiece of design - is to buy furniture, lighting and construction materials in China. 

Yes, can you imagine, Italy and Moscow not long ago ceased to be a mecca for lovers of live beautifully. They became fashionable to go to Guangdong Province and there, jabbing a finger in the overworked chubby catalogs, collect millions of interior components. Seasoned designers - such as those that designed the Moscow club Soho Rooms, - argue that even with the ticket to China, customs duties and the cost of shipment (it to you in five minutes will draw on the spot) is cheaper, and most importantly, more beautiful than at the nearest to your house construction market.  Ordering can be done on the Internet - for example, on a bulletin board site  However, in this case you will have to pay a premium (up to 300%) for the services of intermediaries.  But as a result you get an apartment, every square centimeter of which is hidden proud inscription: «Made in China».  And well even if no typos. 

 If you often call people who live in other cities and countries (the familiar case, too, so we indulged in childhood), then, consider, you're wasting your long-distance and other communications.  Much cheaper encourage your buddies to have accounts at  Download the program, you can call the owners of the same program for free, no matter where they are - using a computer and a microphone or any webcam.   If the computer does not have a friend, because he, for example, grandmother, bear in mind: you can deposit money in the same Skype.  And to call from a computer to a phone at ridiculous prices. 

  You were so prudent that he did not start the car, knowing how much money is spent on its content? Now it's small - and even stop to take a taxi and public transport.  This site will help you  ( For Russian ) 

Suppose you are not afraid of his resemblance to dating service (or even frightening - we in general, anyway) here are not looking for friends, and fellow travelers and drivers.  Specifying a search, you can find a person who daily commute to work by your own route and misses in traffic jams, and agree that it is a ride you.  Will be cheaper than hiring a driver. And if not entirely free. 

 The car can also make if you do not generate revenue, or at least spend less.  You should remember that the tire pressure should be checked at least twice a week.  We only recall why it is necessary to ritual finally found meaning for you: to distinguish by eye "and one eight" atmospheres of "one and five," as a rule, can not even sighted driver.  A tire wear of the difference in three-tenths increases by 15-20%. 

  Replacing the air filter - another procedure from among those which should not be forgotten.  You can even forget to shave or zip fly, but if you do not change the filter at least once a year, gasoline consumption increases significantly.  However, your work, you also now have a discount card network of fueling stations ... 

   It is difficult to say what makes a person again and again to go and see at the grocery store.  But since you also walk there quite often, take a rule dense snack before going to the supermarket.  Hungry man always buys more products than you need. 

    Generally, quite profitable to engage in shopping on the Internet.  Virtual shops do not need to spend money on rent, staff salaries and bribes fire (although about bribes we are not sure).  So, they can afford to sell things almost no extra charge.  Just enter the name of the desired things to you or   and choose the most generous offer.  In the Internet, you can even go for products: services like   themselves bring you the desired food, besides resist the temptation to take a bite on the way each dumpling, as it would have done you.  Another plus of this shopping: some things will look on the internet pictures are so ugly that you might not want to buy them all! 

  Here, for example, the number of questionable advice: go for the products in small wholesale shop, taking a friend or even a neighbor's whole family.  It is believed that in this case you can buy a purse large food and household products packaging, and then split up purchases on arrival home.  Moreover, that such attacks are fraught with strife and ugly imputation trophies, they are still unfavorable, considering the time and effort that you spend on trying to cut the bag of laundry detergent into three parts so that nothing of it spilled. 

 Everywhere you will take for the shop crazy, but still make it a rule to buy winter clothes only in spring and early summer, and summer - in November.   At the end of each season, stores arrange elimination of irrelevant things, so every article of clothing will accrue to you with a good discount.  To adjust to this regime, and just something you need that break your usual schedule and go through one winter in the summer things to with peace of mind (and sinusitis) to buy a coat in April. 

 Women, going out shopping, do not hesitate to ask friends and colleagues if they have discount cards in a shop.  From you, we do not expect such a denial, but, you see, stupid give full price when you can use someone else's right to a discount.  Therefore controlled himself and find out what discount cards have friends (they give not only shops but also filling bars and Cinemas).  If you are afraid that you will be suspected of pettiness, tell me what card is needed "for one case."  This stupid trick works perfectly. 

  Another dishonest trick arsenal of women.  If you're planning to make a relatively large purchase ( purchase rubber boat , suit or mattress ) , do it in the store, which from the first purchase will give you a discount card .  After receiving the coveted piece of plastic hand over the purchased item back.  And then buy again, but already discounted : card because you did not take away even after the return of the goods .  Rotate this scam better in an online store : pass the thing in one office , and buy again - in another .  Otherwise, sellers are not without reason suspect that you scoff at them 

  If circumstances force you to take the thing with display or standing in the middle of the hall - always ask for a discount or markdown .  God knows how much time it spoiled .  The same holds pull off with any thing that "the last remains ."  For some reason it is not bought people coming here to you - certainly a thing wrong .

  If you still do not have 27 years of knowledge and credentials allows you to put crosses on documents - safely enter the draft board .  After formalities you own who were a year or two and if you are lucky to get to the fleet , you will not spend your money on transportation, clothing , food , and in general no matter what.   Because the money you have and never will.

  In the USA  a pervasive tradition to make lists of gifts.   The point is simple : before the holiday you in writing enumerate the things that you want to get from guests and send copies to all the invitees list .  Practical, safe - and damn boring. We have no such custom yet, but online shop trying to enter it .  Recently there appeared button "I want a gift."  Find item , click on a button - and the letter that you want her , sent to multiple addresses, which you did before it entered into the database .  And yet , some of the waffle you are guaranteed (unless of course you will not guess send friends a hint of what you want at least one more gift any ) .

  Many transnational corporations are trading rules for handling customers, ridiculous and even harmful in our country . Politeness can still tolerate , but how to get past the fact that IKEA, for example, you can buy any item , and then pass back without explanation and take their money back ?  Do you understand the hint, huh?  If you urgently need extra chairs and dishes for the holiday - no reason to buy paper plates and low stools .  Reasonable to take everything you need in a free IKEA in " rent ."

   In the McDonald's also have similar rules .  For example, employees must reimburse the network you any food that fell on the floor.  Free.  Of course, the kind of person nadkusyvayuschego burgers and "accidentally" drop them on the floor , can cause even contempt waiter McDonald's.  But if you do not spit on the feelings of these pitiful fellows in plaid ?

  Cynical trick - tell all distant relatives and friends that you will not be in the country for the New Year . Of course , the holidays have somewhere to sit out with a thermos Olivier .  But you can go shopping in the middle of January and buy ultra-low prices on dozens of sold- not just gifts, Christmas toys and other things in the same spirit .  And then give to friends , saying, "  Here , can you imagine you did not have time to give out ! "

  At our electricity tariffs to talk about its economy in general is silly, but we have never hesitated to their stupidity. So, one of the main current in guzzlers apartment is a refrigerator.  And - surprise, surprise ! - The energy it consumes more active , the more it is necessary to cool their insides .  Enough to make a rule to keep the food on the stove until it has cooled to room temperature , and then clean up in the fridge - and some expenses can be avoided. Also, it is useful to change the position of the temperature controller , depending on the number of products lying in the fridge.

 Specialists who not only cumbersome , but , on the contrary , it is useful to have friends :

- Venereologist . Diseases, sexually transmitted diseases - medical field closest to astrology.  The temptation to find something in your blood smears from foreign specialist is always great .  Result - spending on treatment is often unnecessary .  Doctor friend to interpret test results impartially .

- Mechanic authorized center. It's no secret that these knights jack often work at night - sometimes on the basis of the same center , which employs afternoon.  Giving up the car in the hands of mechanics to bypass bureaucratic procedures and queues - smart, though risky move .

- An employee of a large trading network.  Sellers of furniture stores and appliance stores often provide a corporate discount on any product .  The company thus stimulate employee buy more in the home network.  About friends like as an employee are not talking , but , as you know , no one will find fault .