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Anal Plug - My Little Pony

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Brony up!

These days, even the most wholesome products seem to get ridiculously sexualized. Exhibit A: The new line of sex toys for "bronies," or bros who fervently enjoy "My Little Pony" products.
Rising porn star Tasha Reign teamed up with sex toy manufacturer Crystal Delights to help bronies take their cosplay to the next level. Just put one on - and you don't need adhesive, if you know what we mean -- and you'll look like you have your own neon-colored pony tail.
Tasha's Reignbow Pony Plugs come in pink, blue, yellow and purple, and retail at $125.

To be sure, Pony Plugs are aimed for a niche market, but Reign says it's not as small as you might think. The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo this week in Las Vegas offers bronies some pony accessories for their perverse pleasures. The Internet is full of products, too."At places like, there are pony ears and noses and the whole to-do," she told HuffPost Weird News."I wanted to find my own way to tap into the brony market, and I think tails are it. Kinky is more normal now, and this is what people like."Sexy? We say neigh. Still, "My Little Pony" has a following that fills convention centers, where bronies celebrate their love of Mrs. Cup Cake, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna, and other four-legged friends.And if you thought Reign was stopping at just plugs, don't get a long face. What weird brony product would be complete without a live-action porno to go with it?Yes, "Tasha's Pony Tales," a full-length porn film, has already been released, so you don't have to fetishize your childhood memories alone.It follows "a bunch of regular girls" who, wouldn't you know it, are at a slumber party. A few

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Singapore F 1 - 2014 / Formula 1 Night Race

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Jennifer Lopez to perform at the 2014 FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX  

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New rules, new regulations, new-look cars and new drivers. All adds up to new levels of exhilaration  

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30 Ways to Live Beyond Their Means - Cheer Up !!!

30 Ways to Live Beyond Their Means

( Original  version for Russian MAXIM


Save money - not a man, it's not even know themselves money.  Manly - pull it all to the last, and then pass the bottle of "Clos du Mesnil" 1995 harvest and pull some more. However, such an ostentatious gusarstvo sometimes comes to idiocy.  And as to be stupid man stuck even less than to be greedy, we decided to share with you tips on wise money management. But be careful. From time to time in the article will appear character blots. Items marked them, we shall provide for a laugh, removing them from the popular benefits greedy applied. Follow these tips you should not under any circumstances. This greedy unworthy even a man like you. 

  September issue of his organization is particularly acute. If you are tired of the usual five-star hotels - with all their comforts, luxury, but, more importantly, prices - keep in mind:  Many luxury hotels offer discounts nudists. 

If you pre-purchase a membership in the respective club (eg,,  annual card which will cost you only $ 53),  you will have a chance to live in selected hotels for 50-70% of the price! *  No catch here is not that many tourists torn to nudist resorts, stuffed suitcase binoculars, but they at the same time do not want to undress. And if the hotel is located on such a resort, the administration is trying to lure customers nudists and not nasty voyeur. Hence the sale.  Funny that after the presentation of membership card any suspicion in your nudist toiletries, disappear. So after the check you can leave the hotel, wrapped in cellophane for conspiracy and sent to regular beach next door. 

  Another way

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History 's most populous reserve alcoholism , drugs, prostitution and idleness

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District - Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong was the freest place in the world . Until it was demolished. So good order and chaos again defeated , and since then the world has become slightly more than a boring place .

When in 1898 Britain and China have agreed to surrender Hong Kong to rent a multipage agreement had one seemingly minor point . Old Fort Kowloon peninsula of the same name was to remain Chinese . This small , one to two meters, fortress surrounded with a low wall , had become a kind of embassy , from which China could keep an eye on how the British hosted in Hong Kong.

British fortress committed to ensuring the necessities of life : water, provisions, fuel and other things , and sanctify the inviolability of its borders. However, soon they brought back the same group - military , found that nothing interesting, but a few hundred alarmed officials inside the fortress not apologize to China and since then have tried more or less gentlemanly comply with the terms of the contract.

During World War II, the Japanese invaded Hong Kong, broke the wall and dispersed the remaining officials. Nevertheless, after the war fortress Kowloon , even lost her walls and Chinese observers still formally the number of Chinese territory , for because of such trifles to change the entire agreement nobody was going .

That is actually the middle of the overcrowded and bustling Hong Kong formed a piece of vacant land . Of course, long wallow around such beauty could not.

There have acquired the first Chinese - refugees from revolutionary China . Hong Kongers are not being protected by the British protectorate , in Hong Kong , they huddled on the Rights of the bird , and

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